GetResponse Review – The Good, Bad & The Brilliant

GetResponse Review

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Today, we will be reviewing GetResponse

I had been waiting to try out GetResponse for a while. Having read good things about it elsewhere I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. Here is my initial impression after playing around with it for just over a week.

GetResponse is a powerful contender if you are evaluating a Marketing Automation platform and don’t have the budget or skills to go with the Top 3 platforms which I covered in my earlier post.

On paper, it offers almost all features which you come to expect from a Marketing Automation platform. Once you dig deep, you realize it tries to maintain a fine balance for B2B and B2C companies.

GetResponse positions itself as an All in One, Online Marketing Platform. It has four core modules i.e. Email Marketing, Landing Pages, Webinars, and Marketing Automation. Together, these capabilities result in a formidable engine which can take on any platform in this price segment. In fact, it has some unique capabilities which I have not seen in many of the top-end platforms as well.

Here are things which I loved about GetResponse

Visual Workflow Designer

It has a very nice looking and functional workflow designer which enables you to automate repetitive tasks based on specific triggers and conditions. I really like the fact that it captures each and every event, condition, filter and action. The visual designer gives you a bird’s eye-view on the flow of activities based on lead behavior, segment, history and more.


Webinars integrated within your Marketing Platform is a brilliant idea. Why didn’t anyone else think about it, I wonder. This capability comes in very handy for B2B Marketers as they no longer need to rely on external web conferencing tools like WebEx or GoToMeeting.

Furthermore, it allows you to send invitations and capture responses from right within the platform.


Customer Survey and Feedback is another brilliant addition. I constantly find myself using Google Forms and similar tools to capture customer feedback and preferences. With GetResponse I need not worry about it anymore.

eCommerce Capabilities

GetResponse has some unique capabilities built specially for businesses who sell online. For example, it has event tracking for Cart Abandonment, Purchases, Page Visits, etc. using which you can trigger personalized campaigns. This can help you boost your conversion rate and take corrective actions for drop-outs.

Here are things which I did not like about GetResponse

Lead Tracking

I could not find a way in which I could track direct visits from subscribers. Also, there is no way to see web activity log for each individual lead/ subscriber. After chatting with their customer service team I understood, that is part of their eCommerce Module. Still, I’m not sure it can provide lead insights as offered in some of the other platforms.

This one is a deal breaker for me. Without Lead Intelligence I cannot have meaningful conversations with the prospect.

I have asked them for a trial of their eCommerce Module, hopefully that proves me wrong. Will update this post as and when that happens.

CRM Capabilities

GetResponse has no CRM capabilities whatsoever. You will have to rely on an external CRM platform which has ready integration with GetResponse.

The Verdict

GetResponse can give other Marketing Automation Platforms a run for their money. It offers so much more at a reasonable price tag. I really like the out-of-the-box thinking, simplicity and functional aspect of this platform.

Only one caution is the Lead Tracking capability which I highlighted above. Do expect an update to this post in the coming weeks.

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